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In Memory of a Passing member


作者: Vera@4砵甸乍街

People bloom from the stubborn ground we stand –

Though verdant and green,

it is not without demands.

Each of us travel through life’s unforgiving gauntlets,

where hurts and hardship shrivel them up again.

Through the ruins rubble of pain and regrets,

A hand reaches out from the dirt (that we wouldn’t forget)

Calling out a mighty promise and an unwavering friendship.

Though her body riddled with scars,

and weighed down by fate,

The tombstones cannot bury someone who is

slowly, surely becoming awake.

In that brief consciousness,

A genesis of joy is born;

And she does what she pleases

by healing those who mourn.

A bond was formed then broken,

when death tore her apart,

the pull between bodies

is departure

when heaven and hell collide;

with no such whisper or no such cry:

A life is lost to loss and gone.

Death has no mercy for those who are dying.

So may the living grieve and soak their sleeves

with their crying.

May we build a legacy for the fallen

on this parched, empty land the tree of her

All the flowers have wilted –

But her life forever will remain upright and steady everlasting.

Because someday again, the dead will be remembered

through clouded eyes and labored breath of a heavy yoke.


Do not despair, for some day light will shine beyond this bend

and the living and the dead will be reunited somewhere again.

Rest in Peace,

I love and miss you

very dearly. Somewhere

someday we will be reunited.

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